I put that video(Ndinyengeiwo) on my WhatsApp status for a few minutes....jokingly : Lorraine Guyo

I put that video(Ndinyengeiwo) on my WhatsApp status for a few minutes....jokingly : Lorraine Guyo

I put that video on my WhatsApp status for a few minutes and it was only accessible to my contacts and it was surprising that within a few minutes one of my contacts had already downloaded it and eventually circulated it.  Many people do not understand how the whatsapp status feature really function. They think that no one can download the content. Some feel that, its okay to post whatever content as long as it is accessible to certain contacts only. But here is what you need to know about whatsapp status relative to Lorraine's narration below.

Lorraine continues, "Now my world is in turmoil so much that I really considered taking my own life yesterday because the pressure was just too much. I have been suspended from work until further notice because of the video which management felt crossed the line and brought unnecessary attention to my person and workplace. I regret posting the video on my WhatsApp status. One of my contacts downloaded it and circulated it but it was not my intention. I was discussing with my friends about Valentine presents and one of my friends asked me if I have been receiving Valentine present gifts for the past years. I felt challenged and decided to record a video as a joke. I underestimated the damage that this was going to cause and now my life has been turned upside down. I am looking forward to receiving a present from my lover although he was disheartened by comments posted by people who saw the video. I had informed him about the video before it went viral but to be honest with you bae is not happy. If truth to be told I am a lady who cannot look for men through social media but I have turned down several men including high profile people who wanted to date me"- H-METRO

She says she was surprised that within a few minutes someone amongst her friends had downloaded the video. You need to know that content on whatsapp status can be downloaded by anyone who has your number. The first way some do this is to download using an unofficial version of whatsapp called Whatsapp GB. This version of whatsapp has some advanced features which are not available on the official whatsapp for security reasons. So you need to know that while you may think friends on your contact won't manipulate your data, they may using this version of whatsapp.

The other ways to do this is to use Whatsapp Web. This is a function that allows mirroring of one's account on another device, usually a PC. On whatsapp web, one can download your status. I personally do this sometimes, not for malicious reasons though.

It is therefore very important to take extra care with social media apps and platforms nomatter how secure they are advertised to be by the developers. Many people may be able to manipulate the platform to access your information. That is why many of these platforms offer security upgrades from time to time. Above all, Mind your online content. Think before you hit the share button.