Reasons some IT managers keep IT interns away from important systems

Reasons some IT managers keep IT interns away from important systems

It is the dilemma of many IT interns when they are kept away from important systems where they are industrially attached. While at college and anticipating to go for industrial attachment, many IT students will be frantic with thoughts of internship, because they cannot wait to get their hands on important and advanced systems (servers, storage, networking, infrastructure and processes). They cannot wait to experience the realities of what they have learnt therefore it is a dilemma when they find themselves dealing with trivial IT things. By trivial things, am referring to things like anwering calls only, things like having to work in the typing pool, things like installing Microsoft Office and many more. Why do IT managers and supervisors accept It interns and then keep them away from important systems? Here is why:

Still on induction period

This could be one of the reasons IT managers choose not to give IT interns responsibility over important systems. They may still be on induction, introducing them to the organization's IT systems and culture. In many cases how the intern perfoms and behaves during this period of induction may determine whether they will be given responsibility over important systems or trivial issues.


Lack of trust

They say relationships are built on trust, this is very true. Trust is key in organizations. The integrity of IT systems in most organizations is very important. So before they can give an intern responsibility over such important systems, managers want to make sure that the intern can be trusted and trust is build over time. During this period of building trust the intern may therefore be assigned responsibility over trivial IT things or work under strict instruction from someone who is senior. So as an intern it is very important to be patient. Do not be quick to think you are not liked .

Security reasons

The 2 points above come to this point. It is sometimes for security reasons that interns may be kept away from sophisticated systems. The damage that it may bring if mistakes are accomodated when working with IT systems can be big and may cost billions. Information is good, but in the wrong hands it can cause disaster. There are a number of issues online where ex-interns temper which systems for companies they were industrially attached so many companies are afraid of this.

They doubt their skills

Some managers may not allow an intern close to important systems when they doubt their skills. Many times they may think the intern lacks skills and experience hence may need some time before they are allowed access to certain systems.

They fear the fresh guys might mess up the systems

So because they doubt their skills, they fear that the interns may mess up their systems. Sometimes it has nothing to do with lack of skills but probably too much experimenting which is a common characteristic of new IT guys from college. I once made a serious mistake at a company I first worked as a web developer and assistant Systems Administrator (Server Administrator). The mistake created a big problem, I had deleted something in the website server (I thought it was not important). IT managers are afraid interns may make such errors and mistakes.

They fear that the new guys might be more knowledgeable

 You may wonder how this becomes a problem. When an IT intern is knowledgeable, it is quite an advantage to the company, however some IT managers may see it as a threat. They may see it as a threat to their possition. They may also be afraid getting embarassed by the intern who knows better hence they thwart the intern by keeping him or her away from the spotlight.

The egoism that I'm the boss here stay on the peripherals 

Some managers have so much pride that they always want to be at the top. So they station you on trivial staff so that you continue feeling how low you are and seeing how high they are.Finally when they let you close to the important systems, you will feel that you owe it to them to have made it.

A word to IT interns

The industry is not looking for IT professional skills only but also for soft skills, personal attributes that enable you to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. So be humble, be honest, be reliable and be a hard worker. If you fail to master these you may miss the only opportunity to learn.

A word to IT managers

Each intern you are entrusted with is an opportunity do good, to teach to train and to equip.So bring up someone you can be proud of tommorow and do your best. Do not deny interns an opportunity to learn. They should go back to college better than they came, more knowledgeable, more experienced and equiped.


This article was specifically published for IT interns and IT managers though information in it may be useful to everyone. Thank you for reading. Please suscribe below!