Developing a site that works

There are millions of websites on the internet today that are serving to fulfill various objectives for both individuals and organisations . But many of these sites are not working because of the manner in which the sites were developed or the way that they being run by the site administrators and editors.

What is a site that works ? A working site is a site which is able to be a win-win proposition for all parties online, that is your vistors, the search engines and you or your business. It must be able to convince the search engines to index it and lure the visitors to keep visiting. And lastly it must be able to achieve the results that the owner experts of it. In my previous blog post I talked about how you can assess if your site is serving its purpose well. Today are the points which you can follow to get your website working.


So how do you build a site that works?
1) Develop a valuable product or service -- your own creation or someone else’s!
2) Develop your own site in the niche that you know and love.
3) Fill that site with high-value content.
4) Use that content to attract your own niche-targeted traffic.
5) Build trust and credibility with your visitors.
6) Use content to PREsell your targeted visitors. And...
7) Convert that PREsold, warm, willing-to-buy traffic into sales or contracts.

Remember this is how it works online.

1) First, the search engine has to rank your site highly relevant to a search keyword as well as based on other search criteria which I am going to talk about in my next posts.

2) Then the visitors will definitely visit your website if it gets a higher/top rank according to the placed search.

3) Finally the vistor must be convinced to make a positive action on your site such as sharing it, recommending it, signing up, becoming a member or buying products or services offered.