Do you know that you could be addicted to technology?

Many people find it very difficult to admit that they are addicted to technology and that is why it very difficult for to deal with that kind of addiction. Do you know that on average some individuals check their technological gadgets; phones and computers at least a 100 times but still can't admit that they are addicted.

Do you know that you could be addicted to technology?

Many people find it very difficult to admit that they are addicted to technology and that is why it very difficult for them to deal with that kind of addiction. Do you know that on average some individuals check their technological gadgets; phones and computers, at least a 100 times but still can't admit that they are addicted. Technology addiction can take many forms and this includes, online gaming addiction, internet addiction, online pornography addiction, addiction to tech gadgets and social media addiction. Below I will explain these forms of addiction and what makes people to be addicted that way, then I will conclude this article by giving some of the dangers of getting addicted to the highlighted things.

Online gaming addiction

People can easily get arrested by the desire to entertain themselves using millions of intriguing games that are over over the internet. Before you know it, you are already addicted. Online games can easily colonize the brain by their fascinating features, modelling and animations which are getting closer to the real world as gamers continue to use sophisticated graphics and equipment that can get one entangled. Some games are even going sexually explicit, thereby hooking up those who have a desire for sex so that before you know it you are already addicted to pornographic material.

Internet addiction

I have classified internet addiction differently from other online addictions explained here; In this article, I am defining internet addiction as a state at which someone has become over reliant on the internet so much that even for the things that can be done or accomplished otherwise, one still turns to the internet. It is also a situation where someone cannot do without going on the internet, so much that one can even buy data bundles without really expecting to use the bundles for anything important, so that after going online, one ends up searching for things he/she does not even want to use, in most cases useless things. Things that does not edify the intellect, the spirit or the mind.

Online Pornography addiction

Pornography is a serious addiction, a serious virus that is so difficult to eradicate once it colonizes the brain. Online technology, computers and mobile phones have facilitated addiction to ponorgraphy in that they make it easier for one to get entangled. By the time you realize that your child was watching pornographic content, he/she may have watched dozens of them, already addicted. There is nothing called, "I will stop this practise when I get married." Because you will not stop, its an addiction that has nothing to do with getting or not getting married. The best thing you can do is to stop now. More than 90% of people watching pornography, watch it online using their personal computers and mobile phones.

Social Media Addiction

This is also one serious kind of addiction. Social media can be very addictive because of it's interactive and entertaining nature. There is a sense of belonging to online social circles that one may end up a member, so much that you have to frequent follow discussions, updates and register present by responding, either by sharing, retweeting, linking or by commending. Eventually you are already addicted. How many times do you check for updates on whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube per day? A 150 times? 300 times? Isn't this addiction? Compare the time you spend with friends, relatives and peers face to face and that you spend on social media. Are you not addicted?

Addiction to tech gadgets

The other kind of technological addiction is addiction to tech gadgets, phones, computers, cameras and gaming devices. Sometimes the attachment that one has developed with a certain technological gadget can graduate into  an addiction. Eventually one ends up having to upgrade to a new version year after year, without even understanding the differences between the versions. This problems is very common with iphone/apple users. Do you really need a new phone every year? You see someone with two or so high tech phones, all of them very expensive. The question is; "Is it necessary?" Many times it means that you are addicted to gadgets, you have to deal with it.

Excuses leading to addiction

A person does not just wakeup addicted to something. It happens slowly and usually excuses make the practise to grow until it graduates into an addiction. The following are some of the excuses that make a person to end up having the addictions explained above and fail to deal with the addictions on time.

Nothing is wrong with entertainment

This is usually the excuse of many gamers as well as those addicted to pornography, they say it is entertainment and so nothing is wrong with it. There is everything is wrong with anything that has turned into an addiction including entertainment. How many productive hours does one spend gaming? Becareful, addictions to gaming can turn you into a Zombie.

I don't want to be left out

Some are always checking their phones and social media accounts, the excuse being that they do not want to be left out, but it is not true.  Have you ever discovered that each time you leave important staff to check on social media after a new entry, usually it will be an entry of trivial issues that waste your time? You do not get left out, after all you can always check the phone after important things.

I don't want to be backward

Well, if you were nobody before buying a new iphone, then buying an iphone will never make you into a somebody. Fancy staff won't turn you into a somebody. Great people usually go simple anyway, in dressing and in other areas. If you buy that gudget, you may end up broke, at the end of the day you are a nobody. You can afford? Still that does not mean you have to be irresponsible, great people are responsible, to them every coin counts. You are addicted, deal with it.

It's Staying Smart

I do not know how someone define smart. Someone came to me and said why don't you have the latest iphone. I said, I do not need it. Then a few days later he came back in need of my help, since his iphone was giving him some problems. I was able to help. I had to ask myself afterwards; Who then is smarter?

It's an achievement, having a new gadget

Its not an achievement. This is a lie. Achievements solves problems, but if this has turned into an addiction, usually more problems are created.

Problems associated with technological addiction

Like with any sicknesses, the diseases called addiction comes with its own problems and that includes the following:

Unnecessary Spending- You endup spending on new gadgets, new technologies and data bundles unncessarily.

Stress and Depression-May cause stress when you lack real relationships. Sometimes you need real people offline.

Broken Relational Ties- Addiction on internet, social media and games can lead to break of family ties. You meet online but not in real work. Pornography is known for breaking marriages.

Overdependence On Internet-Addiction to internet usage can make you to over depend on the internet for everything, including those things you can accomplish without the internet. Someone jokingly said you end up asking Google, "who bewitched me", hahaha, addiction bewitched you!


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