The latest and advanced tech creates the best music?

What makes good music? Is it the tech? Is it expensive studios? Software perhaps?

The latest and advanced tech creates the best music?
Well organised studio with all possible equipment you could think as one makes their music.

The new millenium saw the bloom of home recordings. Individuals can now create decent sounding quality music at very low costs using cheap equipment. This is contrary to the time prior to the 70s where only the affluent artists could afford to produce high quality music in a well built and acoustically treated studio with large mixer boards, analog and digital equipment such as compressors and amplifiers.

Here we are, the year is 2019 and there is no better place to mention than zimbabwe where musicians have grown from their bedrooms.

This now begs the question " With all the breakthroughs made in music technology, Does having the latest tech create the best music?

The answer is more complex than meets the eye but let me go ahead and stick to an outright NO!  For those who really listen to music, you would remember quite a number of tunes we would all hum to and enjoy but looking back on them now their quality was not all that great. We would have muffled instrumentals with  good vocals or vice versa or both. What Ludacris, Beyonce, Jay Z and even others like Ciara just to mention a few, have some songs in the near past that the general populaces may have enjoyed but are not as high fidelity as their recent tracks. So what am I saying? One does not even need advanced or the latest tech to create good music such as mentioned above. Rather several other factors such as one's own creativity, talent, a conducive environment and a lot of practice. Don't get me wrong, having cutting edge technology might push your music to the next level.

However one should not be limited by thoughts of an expensive studio for example. There are  people like Steve Lacy who have managed to record from an iphone even taking advantage and manipulating the system to the extent of even connecting a guitar to his phone through an iRig. another example is our very own zimbabwe where most home studios make use of a laptop, audio interface and microphone only. In conclusion, if one is given the latest and advanced music tech but fails to make his musical ideas come to fruition, then it may all boil to nothing. You can have high quality music that is not enjoyable to listeners!