WhatsApp introduces the live location sharing feature

Many messaging platforms had since incorporated the live location sharing feature for their users, and WhatsApp has also decided to join them.

Whatsapp Messenger has announced that it has incorporated the live location sharing feature which was already being used by other messaging messenger platforms such as Facebook, Snap Chat and others. This feature will allow the users to share location as well as enabling them to allow the counterpart users to track their location for a predefined period of time. For example one can enable his or her position to be tracked say for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 8 hours after which tracking can then be automatically disabled. Sharing of the location will be so much similar to other messaging platforms with few differences though.

This feature can be very important to the users. They can use it to share their current location whether to surprise a friend who is unaware of how far or how close one might be from her or him. One can also use it to track or correct someone's directions, say a relative or friend has lost location.

Will the users embrace this new feature? It takes a while at times for people to accept any new features. Just like what happened with their previous feature, the STATUS feature when they finally implemented it. At first people seemed not to be embracing it. But now many people are beginning to embrace it. Most are now using it to indirectly say out how they feel, to advertise, to express them pictorially, in video and in text.

Is it going to be the same with the live location feature? Probably it will have more capabilities than we can imagine now.